For Our Emirates We Plant


One of the main aims of EEG is to mobilise the community together and to find unique ways of giving back to the environment. On 8th November 2006, with inspiration from Professor Wangari Maathai, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) launched its “Plant for the Planet – The Billion Tree Campaign”. Under this campaign, UN encouraged all the entities in the society, from both Government and Non – Government Organisations to plant trees in their respective locales to cumulatively plant one billion worldwide by 2010.


EEG as an organisation accredited to UNEP, was invited to participate as a local partner, and launched its “Million Tree Project” in 2007 as part of UNEP’s campaign. EEG, by the end of 2007, had facilitated the pledging and planting of more than one million trees in UAE and the surrounding region.
With EEG’s active engagement with the community, it received pledges from various entities in UAE to support and plant trees under the “Million Tree Project”. By 2010, EEG had managed to exceed the target and plant 2,091,240 indigenous and well adapted trees within the UAE. This marked the culmination of the official affiliation with UNEP for the tree planting project, which went above and beyond in fulfilling its responsibility to the campaign.

The tree planting programme went on to become one of the most popular programmes of EEG. Organisations, Academic institutions and Families became more responsive and interested in preserving the environment through this beautiful endeavour. EEG thus continued its advancement over the years in this direction by launching several projects under the umbrella of “For Our Emirates We Plant”, which incubated several projects that fed into the programme namely:

1. Your Can for a Tree
2. Neighbourhood Recycling Project
3. One Root, One Communi-Tree
4. Recycle Reforest Repeat
5. Together We Plant
6. Planting for a Greener Future

The participants who become eligible to plant trees under the first four projects are invited to plant trees towards the end of each year. The first annual tree planting event was held on the date 10.10.10. Currently the event is held every December on the date corresponding to the last digits of the year. As an example, in 2012, the planting was held on 12.12.12 and in 2017 it was held on 17.12.17 respectively. The objective of these projects was to increase the sustainable green patches throughout the country, providing a natural habitat for the wildlife to thrive, while diverting waste and implementing solid recycling habits in the community. Over the last eight years, EEG has planted indigenous trees in every emirate directly as the result of the Waste Management Projects. Putting this whole programme in perspective, till the end of 2017, the total number of trees planted were *insert amount here*