One Root, One Communi-Tree is one of EEG’s major projects that include all sectors of the society, corporates, academic institutions and families. This project is open to the general public and gives a valuable opportunity to all the members of the society to plant trees under their name if they deposit a pre-set target of recyclable items during a specific period of time. The recyclable materials to be deposited include paper, plastic, aluminium cans, toners, glass and mobile phones.

Labelled as the most active NGO in the country, EEG mobilises and engages the community in action programmes. One Root, One Communi-Tree was launched to involve the community, and educate about and instill the values of recycling amongst them. The participants are expected to submit the recyclable materials within the span of two weeks and achieve the target. The target quantities for the recyclables are customised for each sector based on the success probability under each category.

One Root, One Communi-tree was initiated in 2010 under the Tree Planting Event. Having achieved its objectives of mobilising the society in a hands on activity to manage recyclable waste and increasing the sustainable green patch in the UAE, EEG introduced this project as an annual event to connect the Tree Planting Campaign with the Waste Management Programmes.

Due to the popular demand from members, the project rolled out from July to November 2020 and observed 101 companies, 34 schools and 139 families. The recyclable materials deposited include 183,963 kg of paper, 20,414 kg of plastic, 809 kg of aluminium cans, 9,145 kg of glass, 601 pieces of toners, and 2,484 mobile phones. This led to the mitigation of 761 MTCO2e of emissions, saving of 5,523 million BTU of energy and 8,868 Gallons of Gasoline Saved, conservation of 1,491 m³ of landfill space and 5,167 trees.

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