Can Collection Day

EEG has introduced various recycling campaigns in UAE since its inception in 1991. The Can Collection Campaign rolled out for the first time in 1997, depicts how the UAE has become the epitome of a globalised nation in the modern world – it reveals how we, as human beings, are capable of setting aside our differences and come together to create a meaningful impact and unite in the name of nature.

EEG conducted the 26th cycle of ‘Can Collection Day’ campaign on Thursday, 24th February, under the motto “CANcel the Linear, Enable the Circular”. The collection target set for 2022 is 20,000 kg of Aluminium Cans. The active contribution of participants resulted in the collection of 6,761 kg Aluminium Cans.

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Can Collection Drive

EEG managed to successfully complete the 25th cycle of the Can Collection Drive on 6th November 2021. EEG team was placed at 4 sites in UAE (3 in Dubai & 1 in RAK). They smoothly set a benchmark by collecting 5,708 kg of Aluminium Cans effectively for recycling, saving 138 m3 of landfill space, mitigating 85.6 MTCO2 emissions and energy saving of 1,299 million BTU. “I am always overjoyed to see the people in UAE coming together to contribute to the grass root movements of environmental sustainability. When we started the campaign twenty-five years ago, not many people in the country were aware of terms such as recycling or sustainability. Less than 100 individuals participated in the campaign in the 1st cycle, but now quarter of a century later, the Can Collection Campaign witnessed participation of more than 200 Companies, over 50 Schools and more than 100 families.