Paper Walk


Earth Hour UAE is a global phenomenon that is celebrated by all sectors of the society in almost every country around the world, and UAE is actively on board as well. Families, students, government and corporations come together every year to show their support and commitment to environmental issues.

The initiative began as a symbolic gesture at Sydney in 2007, since then, it has grown into one of the world’s largest environmental movements on the planet. In Dubai, Earth Hour is organised by DEWA in partnership with volunteering and environmental organisations such as EEG. The event is used as a platform to showcase a united support from society for better laws and policies regarding climate change.

The theme for Earth Hour 2018 was “Let Nature Shine”. Our planet is undergoing devastating losses in nature, and with the loss of the last male white rhino in existence in 2018, the topic has more relevance to us as a global species. This year, apart from switching the lights off at 8:30pm on the 24th of March 2018, Earth Hour UAE organised a walk with a mission to “#connect2earth” and raised awareness about living in harmony with nature.

EEG had its own stall at the Earth Hour booth at the Dubai location by Marasi Promenade in Business Bay. EEG integrated this year’s theme with a “#paperwalk” campaign. Nearly 500 student and corporate members were asked to bring a predetermined amount of paper to EEG’s stand. EEG raised awareness by providing the participants with calculated statistics of the amount of carbon they have mitigated and the trees they have saved because of their efforts to recycle the collected wastepaper. Participants who met the criteria were given certificates for their commitment to the cause. Finally sticking to the theme of nature and forests, EEG also planned a small activity for our visiting participants that included making colourful paper origami birds and opportunities to display and photograph with them.