Green December is EEG’s winter recycling project and the last waste management campaign for the year. It encourages EEG student members to collect specific amounts of paper or aluminium cans within a given time period. The aim of this programme is to remind the youth of the importance of commitment, persistence and responsibility in green practices as the year comes to an end. EEG successfully completed the final recycling project of the year which was specifically run for its student members. The student members were tasked to collect a minimum of 500 kg of paper, 15 kg of aluminium cans or 20 mobile phones. The highest collector in each category is awarded with a certificate while members attaining the target are provided with e-certificates.


EEG received a total of 35 participants who collected a total of 7,601 kg of paper, 66 kg of aluminum cans and 54 mobile phones as a part of this campaign. The programme helped mitigate of 30 MTCO2e of emissions, conserved 186 million BTU of energy, saved 26 m³ of landfill space, prevented the felling of 174 trees and avoided the combustion of 188 gallons of gasoline. The programme saw an increase of 218% in participation and an increase of 21% in paper collected when compared to previous year.