Annual Corporate Gala Dinner

The EEG Annual Corporate is more than just a tradition of acknowledging support and sponsorship. It is rooted in the very ethos of EEG reflected in the slogan, “Together for a better environment” and celebrates the power of partnerships. Each year the event brings together the cream of the public and private sector that have demonstrated an inherent commitment towards the environment and sustainable development. From policy makers to frontrunners of the corporate world, from thought leaders to subject matter experts, the Annual Corporate Gala Dinner showcases the unity in diversity that is forged through the common belief in a greener future. EEG uses this opportunity to acknowledge and honour all the organisations and individuals whose support fuels the operations and activities of EEG.

Corporate Outreach

EEG realizes that the support of government organisations and private companies is important for pro-environmental Campaigns. EEG engages itself with public and private organisations through meetings, presentation, dialogue session, and action programmes.

EEG has had 54 engagements with different corporate entities and academic institutions so far in 2018. Moreover, EEG has been a part of the following exhibitions:

To conduct a presentation/dialogue session/meeting in your office, Kindly contact EEG office.

Panel Discussion

EEG has been engaging with the community through its community lecture series, since 1992, which exploit the power of exchange and dialogue, in other words, learning through personal involvement and participation.

Panel discussion for the year 2019:

  1. Let’s heal ocean health (30th January 2019)
  2. Sustainable Cities & Communities (25th March 2019)
  3. Climate Change: Time for Action (19th June 2019)
  4. AI & Environment (26th August 2019)
  5. Healthcare & Sustainability (30th October 2019)

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