Educational Programmes

EEG understood since its inception in 1991, the importance of imparting environmental knowledge among the youth at the root level. Therefore, it launched a carefully curated set of annual educational programmes in 2001, to engage the student community in learning and adopting sustainable practices that contribute to the well-being of the planet and sustain our future.

Our educational programmes are one of the strong pillars in aiding the nation’s sustainable vision. By embedding environmental literacy into the everyday lives of the student community, it can foster a sense of responsibility in them and equip them to make conscious decisions about their actions that directly affect the health of the society and the planet.

Continuing forward on this path to this day, EEG engages and unites enthusiastic and committed students across the MENA region and provides them with meaningful platforms to share, learn, connect, collaborate, express, and voice out their opinions for the betterment of the environment. EEG’s educational programmes are categorised in four broad-spectrum approaches as Art, Awareness, Research, and Advocacy & Outreach, raising proactive young individuals, who hold the baton in bringing and leading the transformation towards a sustainable future.

In the year 2023, the ‘Year of Sustainability’, EEG left no stone unturned in organising Pan-Arab programmes linking students across the region as well as globally under the mission of addressing emerging climate threats headstrong, finding effective solutions to counter the environmental downfall, and continues to do the same this renewed ‘Year of Sustainability’ as well.

These programmes contribute towards the fulfillment of the UN SDG no. 4 (Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all)

Environmental Drawing Competition

In the year 2023, the ‘Year of Sustainability’, EEG left no stone unturned in organising Pan-Arab programmes linking students across the region as well as globally under the mission of addressing emerging climate threats headstrong, finding effective solutions to counter the environmental downfall, and continues to do the same this renewed ‘Year of Sustainability’ as well.

  1. A Breath of Purity: (Ages 6-8) Centred on sustainable cities, clean air, reduced carbon emissions
  2. Wheel of Tomorrow: (Ages 9 – 11) Highlighting sustainable and eco-transportation
  3. Wasteless Wonders: (Ages 12 – 14) Innovate for a zero-waste world
Art From Waste

EEG’s unique waste upcycling programme encourages young warriors to look for a fresh perspective and approach towards art with creativity that seeks to push beyond and aims to break notions of conventional recycling while exceeding the value of the original material. Art from Waste, having been a part of Emirates Recycling Awards since its inception in 1997, flies solo from the year 2024.

A valuable raw material, ‘Waste’, that allows for the generation of the seventh resource, segregating, reusing, upcycling and recycling from the source, this programme moves with the purpose of raising awareness about optimising the consumption of resources in the heart of education systems, i.e. the schools, educating young minds to view waste not as a burden but as an opportunity. Engaging them to contribute effectively towards the reduction in global warming, accumulation of waste, and diversion to landfills, as well as soil, groundwater and sea pollution, this competition sheds light on several SDGs.

Utilising any of the recyclables including plastic, paper, cartons, a variety of cans – aluminium and others, electronic waste, wires and more, EEG sets the innovation bar higher each year, believing in the philosophy, ‘Today’s waste is Tomorrow’s Treasure’.

Having closed registrations for AFW 2024, a space where creativity meets sustainability, EEG launched its 1st cycle of Art From Waste going solo this year, under the theme, ‘Today’s Waste, Tomorrow’s Treasure’. Set for students in the age bracket of 9 to 17 years, the Awards Ceremony took place this 22nd May.

This year’s topics across the categories were as below, and the differently abled were free to attempt any of them:

  1. Table Lamp: Ages 9-11
  2. Robot: Ages 12-14
  3. Garden Furniture: Ages 15-17

Inter School Environmental Public Speaking Competition

EEG provided a platform for conversation and innovation for students in the Sub-Senior (ages 13-15 years) and Senior Category (ages 16-18 years), delighted to have rolled out its 24th cycle of the Inter School Environmental Public Speaking Competition on the occasion of the Earth Day, this 13th to 16th May 2024. With registrations now closed, this year saw over (insert number) participants from across (insert number) educational institutions having taken part with esteemed jury members including (Insert names of jury members) with the support of (insert supporting entities here). The topics covered as part of the competition were as below:


Topic 1 – Sub-Senior – Greennovation: Envisioning Cities of Tomorrow

Topic 2 – Sub-Senior – Pending Eco-Excursions: Conservation and Sustainable Tourism

Topic 3 – Senior – Harmonised Communities: Leading Climate Conscious Society?

Topic 4 – Senior – Benevolence of Oceans: Comprehending Planetary Security

Students Workshop

Aware of the importance of sustainable education, EEG sets the stage for students and academic institutions early on through its educational programmes to enable absorption of the right kind of knowledge, facilitate the inculcating of sustainable habits, and allow for the development of an environmentally literate populace. By engaging students and schools at large, in challenging activities and interactive workshops, EEG’s educational programmes, especially the Students’ Workshops, directly and deeply reflect the commitment of EEG to UN SDG Goal #4, Quality Education.

Approaching, discussing and engaging in activities across Urban Landscapes, Wildlife Conservation, Food Waste & Security, Global Warming, Triple Planetary Crises, Climate Change, Water & Energy Conservation, Low Carbon & Circular Economy, the workshops aim to empower today’s Green Heroes towards a collective and conscious sustenance of our planet.

The Students’ Workshops channel these young leaders’ enthusiasm and creativity through sustainable measures, harnessing the dynamic energy of young minds and emphasising the viewpoint that a sustainable lens acts as a catalyst to their endeavours, thereby equipping them with critical thinking skills, relevant tools, and values to deal with current and future issues while ensuring the safeguarding of the environment.

Inter College Environmental Public Speaking Competition

Coming out with the 24th Cycle of the Inter College Environmental Public Speaking Competition this 25th to 28th November 2024, EEG is thrilled to provide a platform for the Green Heroes of Today, addressing various environmental concerns. Set to host the undergraduate students, here are the topics for this year:

Topic 1 – Pending Eco-excursions: Conservation & Sustainable Tourism

Topic 2 – Greennovation: Envisioning Cities of Tomorrow!

Topic 3 – Harmonised Communities: Leading Climate-Conscious Society?

Topic 4 – Benevolence of Oceans: Comprehending Planetary Security



Registrations are now open and we can’t wait to have you on board! Click here, to participate and be part of engaging in essential conversations, contributing to effective and impactful solutions #TogetherForABetterEnvironment

Campus Outreach

As EEG continues to positively impact and contribute to the advancement of sustainable development, acting as a focal point to students, institutions, entities, and the community in the UAE as well as on the global front, it also takes part in various outreach programmes. Facilitating engaging discussions and implementing innovative solutions within different areas of sustainability, EEG continues to inspire. It requires collective action to be able to deliver on the slogan of #TogetherForABetterEnvironment

EEG offers a minimum of 2-month and a maximum of 6-month internship programmes across diverse areas within its fold and encourages undergraduate and fresh graduate students to apply, contributing positively towards a greener future for all.