Educational Programmes

Educating and inspiring the future generation on environmental preservation is crucial for sustainable development. Throughout the years, EEG’s Educational Programmes arm the young minds with knowledge on sustainability and foster their responsibility, observance and awareness. These qualities in turn empower the youth of the UAE, the backbone of the nation, to adapt long-lasting and persistent environmentally friendly practices to be carried into adulthood. EEG engages and unites enthusiastic and committed students from across the MENA region and provides them with numerous meaningful platforms to learn, connect and express their stance on the environment. EEG’s educational programmes raise proactive individuals, who hold an important role in making the changes necessary to sustain our planet.

Environmental Drawing Competition

Art creates a powerful and lasting emotion, visual images stick with us more than just words. Hence artists can use art to make a statement that can move viewers into action. Art education also helps in mental and motor skill development in young children and hence in recent years there has been great interest among educators in understanding and further developing the links between arts based learning and human development.

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Inter School Environmental Public Speaking Competition

Confidence and powerful oratory skills are a must for effectively raising awareness and converting those around you into environmentally responsible citizens. Thus, EEG provides the young minds of the UAE with a platform to develop their public speaking skills and express their concerns on environmental degradation. The competition arms school students with confidence, critical thinking skills and sound knowledge on the existing sustainability issues.

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Students Workshop

EEG aims to transform and enrich the lives through means of education whilst recognising its role as a driving force for sustainable development. The students workshop serves as a one of a kind implementation platform, providing the student community with an opportunity to maximise knowledge and skills on the most current sustainability issues. In a time when the country is steadily moving forward with sustainability etched in its core, it is very important to inculcate the same values into the young minds of today – our future

Inter College Environmental Public Speaking Competition

The belief that education is key to achieving uttermost environmental success inspires EEG to serve as a creative platform for tomorrow’s sustainability champions to come together and discuss contemporary environmental issues. The 17th Inter College Environmental Public Speaking Competition gave a chance for the outstanding international undergraduate student participants to creatively showcase their public speaking skills, to express their opinion and contemporary environmental and sustainability issues and to propose innovative solutions for making a positive change.

Campus Outreach

To contribute positively to the advancement of sustainable development in the UAE by acting as a focal point for people of all nationalities and ages concerned with environmental protection and responsible waste management.