Clean Up UAE

As we have already covered the first three quarters of the year of sustainability that was announced by His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan the President of the United Arab Emirates, and with the upcoming COP 28 being hosted in Dubai in Nov-Dec, we are excited to announce our pioneering campaign aimed at promoting sustainability and environmental consciousness on a national as well as global scale.

The 22nd edition of the “Clean UAE Campaign” is scheduled to take place from the 5th December till 16th December. It is a multifaceted endeavour that brings together businesses, governments, academia and members of the society to work collaboratively towards a greener and more sustainable future. This initiative will be held in tandem with the UAE’s dedication to promoting sustainable practices across various sectors, and it will serve as a powerful platform during the pivotal COP 28 conference in Dubai.

Through the years, this national campaign has grown exponentially in scope and reach to cover some of the remotest corners of the UAE.  Due to the vast popularity and a high level of support from government and private organisations, more than 61,000 participants including relevant government bodies took part in the massive cleanup operation last year. This year, we are aiming for a higher performance in view of the strong support and dedication of corporations, academic institutions, government entities and families. The 2022 campaign was held under the Patronage of the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment and the Ministry of Community Development. It was held in the presence of the esteemed Ministers from both the Ministries along with their active and hands-on teams participation in the campaign.

We firmly believe that your organisation’s dedication to sustainability will greatly enhance the impact of our campaign, making a significant difference in our collective efforts to combat climate change.

We are thereby requesting you to register your confirmation to participate by filling in the link below :

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