Clean Up UAE

We hope you have had an excellent start to the year 2023.

It gives us great pleasure to share with you that the Clean UAE campaign in December was an astounding success and was endorsed by the UAE cabinet in its meeting on 4th December 2022. We are delighted to come back to you with a special edition to be conducted to commemorate the National Environmental Day. EEG under the Patronage of and supported by the Ministry of Climate Change and Ministry of Community Development will conduct this nationwide campaign on 4th February 2023 – Saturday in all Emirates simultaneously and will be conducted with a unique twist.

This day will be the start of many momentous and fruitful events to be conducted in the UAE in 2023, which are aimed to improve environmental sustainability in the country. The UAE will conclude this year’s major environmental events by hosting the 28th Conference of Parties (COP 28) in November.

Hence, to start the year on a high note, we are inviting all sectors of the society in the UAE to unite and join us in one of the seven Emirates that will be opened and participate in this special edition of Clean UAE Campaign.

We are thereby requesting you to register your confirmation to participate by filling in the link below :

Link here :