Green Call

We hope that the first quarter of the year is ongoing productively for you. Here at EEG, we have been actively inspiring and engaging the society at large, to contribute effectively to the Year of Sustainability.

On that note, we are rolling out our popular Green Call Project on the 23rd of March 2023 for one month. This recycling project, which is rolled out annually is a vital aspect of the mobile phone recycling campaign.

In this 21st century within just 3 decades, the telecommunication devices have advanced effectively and rapidly into the daily lives of billions of humans.  The world of fast and reliable communication is now a crucial part of living from contacting families across great distances to everyday working of the economy.  Nevertheless, the rate at which technology is advancing also pushes the world at large to procure newer and better models of mobile phones. Therefore, it is vital that all the old mobile phones which are not in use to be recycled to extract the resources and reintroduce them into the loop for the production of new technologies. Recycling closes the circular loop and limits the need to extract raw materials from the earth which in turn will not only contribute to the climate crisis but affects the biodiversity and health of living things in the ecosystem. Therefore, EEG is once again calling on all members of the society to participate and be part of the “Green Call” project.

Targets for the project are as follows:

Students: 15

Companies: 50

Schools: 65

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