Green Call


Mobile phones comprise of various materials, such as, plastic, gold, mercury, zinc, lead, cadmium, bromine, etc. Recycling mobile phones conserves these valuable materials, prevents air and water pollution, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions that occur during manufacturing, extracting and processing of virgin materials.

Metals recovered during the recycling process are used in many different industries such as jewelry making, electronics and automotive manufacturing. Recovered plastics from mobile phones are recycled into plastic components for new electronic devices and other plastic products such as garden furniture, plastic packaging and auto parts. There is a need to recycle mobile phones to ensure that they do not end up in landfills.


EEG has been running the Mobile Collection Campaign since 2009, wherein participants from all sectors of society are asked to deposit all brands of used mobile phones for recycling. The mobile phones collected are sent to recycling facilities within the UAE where they are dismantled as the different materials are then further disseminated to manufacturing plants as raw materials for new products and the ones that are not recycled are disposed of at the Dubai Municipality’s hazardous waste treatment plant.

EEG launched “Project Green Call” in 2016 to engage the Student Members during their Spring Break and simultaneously boost the mobile phone collection to help reach the set target. Based on the reception that the project received and building on the results achieved, EEG decided to turn it into an annual event and accordingly rolled out the project on the 18th of March 2018 to the 18th of April 2018 to coincide with the newly launched Global Recycling Day. Under this project, student members are required to collect and deposit 15 pieces of mobile phones for recycling within the one month time period. Once they achieve the target, they receive a certificate of participation under the project, which mentions the total quantity of mobile phones deposited by the student and the duration of the project, under which he/she has deposited the mobiles phones for recycling.

In 2018, EEG also opened up collections to corporations and academic institutions. This led to more than double the collections in 2018 with 984 mobile phones collected during the one month period, compared to only 417 collected in 2017.
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