Green Call

We hope that the 1st quarter of the year is proceeding smoothly and productively with the sustainability being the main focus for you and your organisation. For us here at EEG, the first quarter is progressing extremely well, we are actively rolling out projects, inspiring and engaging the society at large, to contribute to the cause of sustainable development in the country and beyond.

On that note, it is with great pleasure that we are announcing that we are once again rolling out our popular Green Call Project from 24th March to 24th April. This recycling project, which is rolled out annually is a vital aspect of the mobile phone recycling campaign.

With the rapid expansion, manufacturing and yearly upgrades of the telecommunication devices, it has become part of the daily lives of billions of humans in every aspect of their lives from economic progression to social development which has been connected to mobile phones for global connectivity.

Nevertheless, with the swift advancement of technology, mobile phones become outdated rather quickly. However, rather than keeping them in drawers and on shelves or discarding them, which is not sustainable for the economy or the environment.  Therefore, it is vital that all the old mobile phones and associated accessories which are not in use to be recycled to extract the valuable resources and reintroduce them into the loop for the production of new devices; a new life for the non-renewable resources at hand. Recycling anthropogenic materials is one of the significant ways to tackle climate crisis.

Thus, EEG is once again calling on all its members and the society at last to participate and be part of the “Green Call” project. Please find all the details in the attached flyer. To participate, you may collect and deposit the mentioned quantities of Mobile Phones as detailed in the attached flyer within the given time frame.

The participant’s commitment towards achieving the set targets for 2024 within the time period will make them eligible to plant a native tree sapling under their name on 24.12.24, in addition to receiving a certificate of participation upon completion.

Targets for the project are as follows:

Students: 30

Companies: 100

Schools: 125

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