The “Neighbourhood Recycling Project” (NRP) was launched in 2010 exclusively for the student members of EEG. During the summer vacations, many parents felt that their children required more activities in which they can partake and engage within the community. Many requests were also received by EEG to enrol children as interns at the EEG office. Since they were too young to work in a professional environment as interns, in addition to the non-availability of spaces within the entity to accommodate them, EEG launched the Summer Paper Collection Campaign in 2010. Under the project the student members were asked to prepare a flyer and use it to contact 20 neighbouring families to collect 150 – 200 Kg of Papers for recycling. Once they achieved the target, they were provided a letter stating their achievements.

As the project was successful, EEG decided to make this into an annual event under the name “Neighbourhood Recycling Project”. Till 2011, the student members who achieved the set target under this project received a Certificate of Participation and also an indigenous tree to plant under their name in one of the public places in the UAE. In 2012, it was decided that, the student members have an option to collect any of the recyclables including Paper, Battery, Mobile Phones, Toners, Plastic, Beverage Cartons and Aluminium Cans. Upon completion of the project, the student members were asked to submit the details of the families they contacted to ensure they are actively engaging the community. To further engage the students and test their skills, from 2015 onwards, the student members are also required to submit a small testimonial at the end of the project describing their experience performing the activities under the project.