Aims & Objectives

To contribute positively to the advancement of sustainable development in the UAE by acting as a focal point for people of all nationalities and ages concerned with environmental protection and responsible waste management.

To increase the level of public awareness on all local, regional and global environmental issues.

To assist concerned authorities, where possible, in implementing environmental programmes and projects.

To promote positive environmental action by individuals through active participation in specific project, campaigns and activities.

To propagate community waste reduction and recycling schemes, both as a means of protecting the environment and as a flagship for improving the community’s environmental awareness.

To compile a database on various environmental issues and make it available to the public and institutions.

To foster exchange of information, experience and practices including our areas of expertise.

To mobilize the support of experts on various environmental issues from the public and private sectors.

To liaise with various target groups within the community to spread the environmental message and encourage volunteerism in preserving and protecting the environment.

January 2020




First environmental NGO in the world to be accredited with the ISO 14001 certification
Accredited NGO with the United Nations Convention for Combatting Desertification
Accredited NGO, Governing Council, United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

Corporate Outreach

EEG realizes that the support of government organisations and private companies is important for pro-environmental Campaigns. EEG engages itself with public and private organisations through meetings, presentation, dialogue session, and action programmes.
EEG has had many engagements with different corporate entities and academic institutions so far in 2019.

To conduct a presentation/dialogue session meeting in your office, Kindly contact EEG office.

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14th - 17th Jan 2019

World Future Energy Summit

30th January

EEG conducts Panel Discussion on “let’s heal ocean health”

5th February

EEG Celebrates national environment day with clean up campaign in RAK.

28th February

Emirates Environmental Group successfully brings together over 200 entities to participate in the 23rd Can Collection Day Campaign in the Year of Tolerance.

Collects 4050 kg of Aluminium Can and mitigates 61 metric tons Carbon Dioxide.

4th March 2019

  1. Annual Corporate Gala Dinner
  2. EEG attends workshop by EAD (Environment Agency Abu Dhabi) & AGEDI (Abu Dhabi Global Environmental Data Initiative & CEFAS (Center for environment fisheries and Aqua Culture Science).

11th - 12th March 2019

EEG Chairperson attends 10th GPCA PlastiCon and Research & Innovation Summit in Bahrain.

14th March 2019

EEG participated in the webinar hosted by WWF – SASSI (South African Sustainable Seafood Initiative) with the support of UN 10 YFP.

19th March 2019

EEG conducts interactive workshop “What’s on your plate?!” with corporate member and strategic educational partner  ENOC.

25th March 2019

EEG Chairperson attends the Gala Dinner organized by Embassy of Netherlands under the theme of “Chromatic Dinner”.

25th March 2019

EEG conducts 2nd panel discussion on the topic of “Sustainable Cities & Communities”.

26th March 2019

EEG Chairperson attends the panel discussion on Governance & Corporate Philanthropy, organized by Hawkamah Institute for Corporate Governance in collaboration with American University of Beirut.

30th March 2019

EEG celebrates the Earth Hour 2019 and conducts paper walk.


EEG has been engaging with the community through its community lecture series, since 1992, which exploit the power of exchange and dialogue, in other words, learning through personal involvement and participation.

Panel discussion for the year 2019:

  1. Let’s heal ocean health (30th January 2019)
  2. Sustainable Cities & Communities (25th March 2019)
  3. Climate Change: Time for Action (19th June 2019)
  4. AI & Environment (26th August 2019)
  5. Healthcare & Sustainability (30th October 2019)

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