EEG Collects 4050 kg of Aluminium Can and mitigates 61 metric tons Carbon Dioxide

Emirates Environmental Group successfully brings together over 200 entities to participate in the 23rd Can Collection Day Campaign in the Year of Tolerance.

Collects 4050 kg of Aluminium Can and mitigates 61 metric tons Carbon Dioxide

Emirates Environmental Group (EEG) has once again rallied the nation for its 23rd Cycle of the Can Collection Day. The drive brought together more than 200 entities from all the Emirates to participate in the event. The combined effort of various hotels, families, academic institutions and corporations reeled in 4050 kg of Aluminium Cans for recycling on 28th February 2019. EEG achieved 20% of the target and therefore urges all sectors of the society to achieve the set target of 20,000 Kgs till December.

Mrs. Habiba Al Mar’ashi, Chairperson of Emirates Environmental Group greatly appreciated the fact that over the last 23 years, the Can Collection Campaign has seen a tremendous growth and participation from the people of UAE socity. Since its inception in 1997, EEG has managed to collect 3,20,400 kg of Aluminium Cans which has resulted in the mitigation of 4809 MTCO2e, saving of 7777 m3 of landfill space and the conservation of 72,918 million BTU of energy.

EEG has always strived to educate and raise awareness of the community on conservation issues through active and action oriented programmes. Besides Aluminium Cans, EEG also facilitates the collection of Paper, Plastic, Glass Bottles, Toners and Mobile phones for recycling. By conducting such campaigns, EEG is constantly adding on to the aim of achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Particularly Goal No.12 which calls on the importance of Sustainable Consumption and production.

EEG encourages every individual, from young students to working professionals, to actively participate in its recycling campaigns. Embracing on the values of the Year of Tolerance and by working to achieve the UAE national agenda of helping divert 75% of waste away from landfill by 2021, EEG truly believes that the Can Collection Drive captures the commitment and passion the UAE leadership has envisioned our society to attain. As an organisation that is accredited with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), it is our mission to engage the local community in local actions that create global impacts.

The campaign’s success was due to the collaboration and commitment of various government, corporate and academic institutions, once again highlighting EEG’s attempt to implement UN SDG no 17: Effective Partnerships for Sustainable Development.  Mrs. Al Mar’ashi expressed her gratitude to Emirates Global Aluminum (EGA) for coming on board as a co-sponsor for the Can Collection Campaign 2019. EEG also appreciates the support of Dubai Municipality, Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM), Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority (SEWA), Ajman Tourism Development Department, Abela & Co, AF Constructions LLC, American International School of Abu Dhabi, Tristar, McDonald’s UAE, Sharif Metals and Lucky Recycling for helping make this campaign a success.

The dedication of the people living in UAE and their conscience to protect the environment reflected through this campaign. The top collectors of the Can Collection Campaign in 2019 will be awarded on the World Environment Day in 2020 at the prestigious Annual Awarding Ceremony. EEG urges the all sectors of the society in the UAE to continue their proactive work by joining hands to eliminate pollution of all kinds and its effects on the country and planet.


Notes to Editors:

Emirates Environmental Group (EEG): EEG is a professional working group established in 1991 devoted to protecting the environment through the means of education, action programmes and community involvement. The organisation is open to men and women of all nationalities. EEG is actively encouraged and supported by concerned local and federal government agencies. It is the first environmental NGO in the world to be ISO 14001 certified and the only organisation of its kind in the UAE with accredited status to the United Nations Convention to Combating Desertification (UNCCD) and the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP), EEG is a member of the UN Global Compact, the International Union of Conservation for Nature (IUCN).